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Georgia College Early College Holds Convocation That Inspires and Ignites

On Friday, August 4th, Georgia College Early College held its official Convocation Ceremony following an impactful pre-convocation ceremony featuring Honorable Floyd L. Griffin Jr.'s inspiring speech. The atmosphere was electric as the spotlight shifted to the induction of 70 bright new students into the 7th Grade of the learning program, as well as others joining various classes.

This momentous occasion marked the initiation of their academic journey, as they embark on a path of learning, growth, and personal development. This was symbolized by a dramatic walk down Georgia College Early College’s "main street" towards the Make-a-Wish Foundation fountain, where they are cheered at from other students.

Beyond the newly inducted 7th graders, the Convocation ceremony was a vibrant gathering of students from various Georgia College Early College classes. United by their thirst for knowledge and determination to excel, these students represented a tapestry of backgrounds and aspirations. The event embodied the program's mission to foster a community of driven learners, united by their shared commitment to education.

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