Midway Hills Academy 21’ - 22’ Teacher of the Year Yvonne Thompson on Student/ Parent Relationships

In the run up to the announcement of BCSD's 22'-23' Teacher of the Year, we spoke to our 21'-22' year winners about their commitment to teaching and what makes Baldwin School District stand out. This blog series highlights those incredible teachers and what they do to make a difference.

In many ways, Yvonne Thompson has been a teacher her entire life. Having a sister with an intellectual disability and a mother who taught first grade for over thirty years, Thompson was born into the role of teacher. “I was always working with my sister, trying to count money or reading different things,” Thompson said, “those two people, my mother and my sister, are the main reasons why I chose education.”

This past year was Thompson’s first year as the Early Intervention Program (EIP) Math Teacher for Midway Hills Academy. As an interventionist, Thompson serves students who have the greatest need for heightened academic instruction, which fits well with her background in Learning Disabilities and Special Education.