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New Teacher Orientation

New Teacher Orientation was held this week, which introduced about 40 new faculty to the district through seminars, activities, and meals provided by local restaurants (including Stella’s and Bojangles’), as well as a bus tour of all the schools in the district. Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum & Instruction Dr. Sharon Hunt-Simmons said, "New teacher orientation is all about welcoming our new teachers to the Baldwin County School District. We bring them in a week early so that they can get oriented and acclimated to our environment and our system, learning all about the district, and also give them a jumpstart before our returning teachers come back the next week."

Part of familiarizing new teachers with the district is a bus tour of all the different schools, "so that teachers can actually see where our students live and become familiar with the county," Dr. Hunt-Simmons said. New teachers also participated in code of ethics training and classroom management panels. "They learn about, of course, their insurance, and those things are really an important part of the Human Resources portion of being a teacher. So we really make it exciting for them to learn about the curriculum so that they're really ready for when students come back on August 3rd," Dr. Hunt-Simmons said.

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