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Northridge Christian Church Makes Generous Donation to Support Families in Need of Assistance

Northridge Church has generously donated $3,000 to the Baldwin County School District to extend support to families in need in Milledgeville. The Baldwin County School District has initiated a program to provide a one-time donation to families who have been identified as "in need of assistance." These families will be referred to the program by teachers or principals within the Baldwin County School District.

The Baldwin County School District's support includes helping these families find homes, clothes, food, supplies, and other essentials that could be barriers preventing the children from attending school or otherwise receiving a full education. Before securing the necessary funding for housing, families will receive training in job planning, budgeting, and financial management. This training is designed to equip them with valuable skills to make informed choices and effectively manage their finances. It will empower them to track their spending and make sound financial decisions for their future.

Once suitable housing placement has been secured, the program will provide funding to cover the deposit and the first month's rent, ensuring that these families can transition to stable and secure housing with the support of Northridge Church and the Baldwin County School District.

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