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Spotlight on MHA's 2022-2023 Teacher of the Year- STEAM teacher Mrs. Stephanie Coxwell

I believe my role as a STEAM teacher is to nurture our students' lifelong learning. I love to encourage curiosity about the unknown and engage students' critical thinking to solve problems in the world around them. Through hands-on learning, rich classroom discussion, and humor, I hope to prompt students to think creatively and explore their curiosity. All questions are important, no matter how silly!

Creating a warm and inviting learning environment is important to young learners. I work hard to ensure students feel positive and welcome in my classroom. I know I am responsible for ensuring that students entering my classroom are comfortable expressing opinions, sharing ideas, and learning creatively.

I ensure that students learn through project-based learning activities where they express what they have learned in individualistic ways. Additionally, learners need to feel like resilient, self-assured learners. I commend learners for their critical thinking, effort, curiosity, inventiveness, and understanding of the content. I set an example by continually seeking to develop my abilities in these areas as a teacher.


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