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The 12th Annual Oconee Classic Marching Band Competition

How do you top last year's epic Oconee Classic marching band competition? In a word: "more". More bands. More vendors. More cheers from the crowd. More fun. And more of the most fantastic performances you will ever see at any school in Georgia, because these bands came from all of the best marching band schools across the state!

"I've seen it grow," said James McMillan, BHS Band Director and the head organizer for the event, "if we can continue this, then it's going to be a great thing for us because we're going to have more people who want to register for our competition. This is one of the first years, if not the first year, that I can remember that we were actually one-hundred percent full."

The festivities kicked off around 10:40 am this year, on Saturday, September 30th, a full two and half hours earlier than last year, and extended well into the evening. Bands hailing from various regions competed in multiple categories, including Band, Color Guard, Drum Major, and Percussion, categorized into one of five major classes: A, AA, AAA, AAAA, and AAAAA. The band programs were assessed in a caption-style contest across three major categories: music performance, visual performance, and music/visual effect.

As the hosting band, the Baldwin Band of the Braves did not compete but instead showcased their talents as the exhibition band and had the honor of presenting the well-deserved trophies. "We have vendors from various businesses who come and set up in the walkway (of Braves Stadium) and people can spend all day listening to marching bands," said Christie Edwards, Lakeview Academy Band Director who has been volunteering for the event every year for a decade now.

Baldwin High School Principal Jason Flanders graced the event as a special guest, personally delivering the coveted trophies to the winning bands. It was a memorable 12th Annual Oconee Classic competition filled with musical excellence and community spirit. Congratulations to Lowndes High School for taking home Grand Champion Band, as well as to first runner-up Carrolton High School and second runner-up Perry High School, and to all of the bands who participated this year!

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