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Congratulations to Our Celebration of Writing Winners!

Congratulations to our Celebration of Writing winners! These students wrote stories and competed at the school level and the county level. The following students are the Celebration of Writing winners for the school level: Kindergarten-1st Place: Jaiden Collum (“The Waterpark”), 2nd Place: Taraga Strange (“The Princess Story”), 3rd Place: Devin Hall (“Superman”); 1st Grade-1st Place: Josi Scott (“The Castle and a Princess”), 2nd Place: Brian Won (“The Magic Star”), 3rd Place: Cruz Gore (“The Snowy Day was Good”); 2nd Grade-1st Place: Maya Johnson (“The Day I Got a New Pet”), 2nd Place: Kennedi Stephens (“My Biography of Life”), 3rd Place: Naomi Nelson (“Me and Hello Kitty”); 3rd Grade-1st Place: Kellisia Wright (“History Josh”), 2nd Place: Kamari Hogan (“A Day at the Mall”), 3rd Place: Keimoria Jones (“One Snowy Day”); 4th Grade-1st Place: Gabrielle Nelson (“A Mermaid’s Tale”), 2nd Place: Tyreon Simmons (“Bob the Scientist”), 3rd Place: Nailah Stockton (“New Year’s Resolution”); 5th Grade-1st Place: Tykia Roberts (“Where Do We Go From Here?”), 2nd Place: Christopher Baxley (“Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. vs. the World”), 3rd Place: Bernasia Simmons (“My Sea Friend and Me”). Congratulations to all of our school level winners! The following students are the Celebration of Writing winners for the county level: Kindergarten-1st Place: Jaiden Collum; 1st Grade-1st Place: Josi Scott; 2nd Grade-2nd Place: Maya Johnson; 3rd Grade-2nd Place: Kellisia Wright; 4th Grade-1st Place: Gabrielle Nelson; 5th Grade-3rd Place: Tykia Roberts. Congratulations to all of our county level winners!

Thank you to Mrs. Meeks and Ms. Drew for all of your support! Thank you to T-Bones Nursery, Piggly Wiggly, Kroger, and Meeks' Residential Service for your support!

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