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BCSD Employee of the Week - Tonia Milner

Tonia Milner, our School Nutrition Bookeeper is this week's BOE Employee of the Week.

Mrs. Milner has worked for the school district for 16 years. As a School Nutrition Bookeeper, she loves the fact that she can learn something new all the time. Math was her favorite subject in school, so she loves the feeling of self accomplishment when she completes a task that might seem overwhelming from the start. Being a previous School Food Service manager is an added bonus she says because it gives her the ability to be able to support the cafeteria managers in ways that most bookkeepers in School Nutrition would not be able to do.

Although she is originally from Decatur, Georgia, Mrs. Milner is a Baldwin High School graduate having received her high school diploma in 1993. After high school, she went to Central Georgia Technical College where she obtained her Associate degree in Accounting.

One of Mrs. Milner's favorite things to do outside of work is to watch movies and spend quality time with her family. Her favorite movie to watch is The Color Purple.

We are so glad to have Mrs. Milner on our team here at the Baldwin County School District. Your work and dedication to your job is greatly appreciated.

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