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Raymond Tubb BHS Class of '85: Radio and Journalism With the Passion of a Baldwin Brave

Baldwin High School proudly boasts a rich legacy of accomplished alumni, and among the distinguished graduates of the Class of 1985 is none other than Raymond Tubb. A luminary in the realm of journalism and TV news, Tubb attributes his success to the foundational experiences he garnered during his formative years at Baldwin High School.

Reflecting on the vibrant atmosphere of Baldwin High School in 1985, Tubb fondly recalls the influence of his educators, singling out noted Distinguished Alumnus Sandra Worsham as a particularly impactful figure. Worsham's guidance in AP English, the only advanced placement course at that time, left an indelible mark on Tubb. "She was so good about helping bring out creativity and making people stronger writers," Tubb said. Worsham's influence sowed the early seeds of Tubb's writing prowess, a skill that would become indispensable in his journalism career. The diversity of his public school experience had armed him with not just academic knowledge but also a resilience that made college life more manageable.

His journey through the Baldwin County School District of the time; West End Elementary, Carver Middle School, Davis Middle School, and Boddie Junior High School underscores the significance of diversity in shaping his perspective. "The more exposure you have to all walks of life, that you only get in a public school, the better off you're going to be in life," Tubb said. This exposure became a cornerstone in his career, allowing him to connect with a diverse audience as a journalist.

"The more exposure you have to all walks of life, that you only get in a public school, the better off you're going to be in life."

Post-graduation from Baldwin High School, Tubb pursued higher education at Georgia College and State University. Contrary to his initial concerns about the challenges of college, Tubb discovered that the solid education and foundation he received at Baldwin High School facilitated a seamless transition. His involvement in various extracurricular activities, such as the band and drama, not only enriched his skill set but also nurtured the confidence vital to his future career in TV news. Beyond the professional realm, Tubb's personal life is marked by joy and gratitude. Married to fellow Baldwin High School alumna Valerie, Tubb and his wife share the unique experience of raising their adopted son, Nick.

Today, Raymond Tubb stands as a prominent figure at 13WMAZ, where he not only reports news stories but also operates as a drone pilot, capturing unique perspectives. Tubb's journey from the halls of Baldwin High School to the cutting-edge technology of drone journalism is a testament to the breadth of opportunities that unfold when rooted in the Baldwin County School District.

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