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Shonya Mapp Receives Drum Major For Justice Award

Congratulations to Shonya Mapp who received the prestigious Drum Major For Justice Award by the Macon-Bibb County Southern Christian Leadership Conference. This award is a recognition of her unwavering service and extraordinary efforts to go above and beyond for the betterment of others. Mapp embodies the spirit of the award, leading by example and inspiring those around her to join in the cause of serving our community.

Mapp’s work, from ensuring every student feels special on their prom night to rallying our community together for a cause, highlights what it truly means to serve with heart and dedication. Her ability to bring people together and create impactful initiatives showcases her leadership and the profound effect she has on those around her. Ms. Mapp’s passion and commitment to making a difference in our community do not go unnoticed. She inspires us all to give back, serve with purpose, and make a meaningful impact. Thank you, Ms. Mapp for your tireless dedication and for being a true Drum Major For Justice.

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