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Baldwin High School Receives Prestigious Ride for Focus Cycling Grant

In an exciting development for the local community, Baldwin High School has been selected as the first-ever high school recipient of the esteemed R4F (Ride for Focus) grant from Outride. This grant will provide the school with a fleet of bikes and gear, along with riding coaching from local non-profit CREATE Inc., which will empower students to embrace the benefits of cycling while promoting their cognitive, physical, and socio-emotional well-being.

"We are thrilled to announce this groundbreaking partnership between Outride, CREATE Inc., and the Baldwin County School District," said Superintendent Dr. Noris Price. "The R4F program is designed to empower students, instilling in them a love for cycling and encouraging an active lifestyle. By providing the necessary tools and support, we are confident that Baldwin High School will lead the way in promoting the importance of physical activity and well-being among their students."

Outride, a leading nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of youth through cycling, has extended their support to Baldwin High School with this remarkable grant. The program, known as Riding for Focus (R4F), will kickstart in the fall of '23 with a comprehensive after-school initiative led by coaches from the local non-profit CREATE Inc. who have been working with Midway Hills Primary and Oak Hill Middle School students over the past academic year.

Baldwin High School students will have the unique opportunity to participate in the R4F program, which will focus on teaching safe bike handling skills, leadership, and bike maintenance. The dedicated coaches from from local non-profit CREATE Inc. will guide and mentor the students throughout this transformative journey.

Riding for Focus (R4F) is a school-based program that has proven to be a powerful outlet for students, fostering their physical fitness, mental agility, and overall well-being. Thanks to the generous sponsorship of Outride, the program equips schools with essential resources, including helmets, curriculum materials, teacher training, and a fleet of bikes, ensuring that every student has the opportunity to experience the joy of cycling.

Together, Outride, CREATE Inc., and the Baldwin County School District are poised to make a lasting impact in the lives of students at Baldwin High School, fostering a love for cycling and encouraging healthy habits that will benefit them for years to come.

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